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Our Full Inspections include:

• Roof material, roof penetrations, exposed flashings, skylights, chimneys, and trim.
• Gutters and downspouts, eaves, soffits and fascia.
• Decks, stoops, porches, walkways, patio covers, fences and railings.
• Landscaping and irrigation systems.
• General grading and drainage.
• Basements, foundations and crawlspace.
• Exterior wall material, doors and penetrations.
• Heating systems.
• Cooling systems.
• Main water shut off valves.
• Water heating systems.
• Interior plumbing fixtures, appliances and related components.
• Main electrical service lines, box, and main amperage.
• Electrical panels, wiring, breakers and fuses.
• GFCI’s and AFCI’s, grounding and bonding.
• Light fixtures and smoke detectors.
• Fireplaces and related components.
• Insulation and Ventilation.
• Garage doors, safety sensors, fire walls.
• And much more.

Man Inspecting Wood Man Inspecting Roof